Polish American Citizens Club - 730 New Jersey Ave. Lyndhurst NJ


The PACC Bids Ray Skorka and the Ablemen A Fond Farewell

Posted by Mark Shabunia on November 16, 2014 at 11:30 PM

This was a polka dance that will go down as one for the ages...

Ray Skorka and his Ablemen put on a great show this evening, having fun all the while. Ray may be retiring but he was as limber as ever as he pumped the squeezebox and danced around as the ablemen play their farewell show. It was a touching send off as 4 Internet polka radio personalities, including Eddie Biegaj and Bill Shibilski, came up and congratulated Skorka on his 51 years of leading the Ablemen. After the speeches and congratulations the Ablemen played their "Ablemen Polka" and continued to play several medleys throughout the night (videos can be seen under the picture).

As vice president of the Lyndhurst PACC, I would like to congratulate you Ray, and all the Ablemen, on such a stunning career in the Polka industry. Enjoy your retirement Ray, and may you always be Able!

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